Tesla CHAdeMO adaptor

Yesterday I had my Tesla CHAdeMO adaptor delivered, this will be our lifeline when we go on holiday to Scotland in a few weeks time as the furthest north Tesla Super Charger is in Dundee. This adaptor is a serious bit of kit weighing in at about 2.3kg and costing £358. On one end you […]

Tesla arrived!

Finally collected my Tesla Model S from the new Tesla Leeds service centre! Arriving quite early on a bank holiday Monday as there was very little traffic we sat outside patiently waiting for the store to open. After waiting 3 months since ordering the car what’s another 30 minutes? The wait had certainly been interesting, […]

Ordered a Tesla Model S

I have been considering switching to an electric car for quite some time but been waiting on more news on upcoming models, having seen more finalized information on the Tesla Model 3 I realized it’s not likely to work for my needs and no other companies really have anything that will suit our use. I’ve […]

Poly tunnel Raised Beds

  Today I built the raised beds for our poly tunnel, these were made of scaffolding boards and bolted together with M10 x 120mm coach screws from UK Fixings in Sheffield. The coach screws required 7mm pilot holes to ensure that they did not split the scaffold boards, after that they were pretty easy to […]