Ordered a Tesla Model S

I have been considering switching to an electric car for quite some time but been waiting on more news on upcoming models, having seen more finalized information on the Tesla Model 3 I realized it’s not likely to work for my needs and no other companies really have anything that will suit our use. I’ve […]

My niece Elsie-May

Today Donna and I went to visit her sister to see our new niece, Elsie-May. She is the cutest little thing and we are so happy for Mary and Ryan, also we are so thankful for the neonatal intensive care unit that looked after her due to her being born many weeks early, weighing only […]

Donating blood

Today I donated blood, it may hurt a little at first, and sure I couldn’t workout this evening due to it.  But it is definitely worth it because it could save some poor kids life! If you are fit and healthy then you really should consider donating blood as it doesn’t take much time and […]

Mini Adventure

After my workout today I decided to go for a short run and after a mile or so I stopped to investigate something in a stream that didn’t turn out anywhere near as exciting as I initially thought.  This stroke of excitement then led me onto deciding to go for a mini adventure off the […]


Decided to give WordPress a go as my old blogging software just wasn’t doing it for me.  Going to transition everything over here slowly and try and make a bit more of an effort to post regularly.

How To Have Tourette’s

So today I sat and read/listened to Josh Hanagarne’s articles on tourettes and how he has dealt with it. It is definitely worth a read/listen just to get a better understanding of what people with tourettes have to deal with, and how Josh hasn’t backed down in his fight against it. http://www.worldsstrongestlibrarian.com/how-to-have-tourettes/