Intel Developer Workshop

Currently attending an Intel Developer Workshop at The Genome Analysis Centre in Norwich. Learning lots more about more advanced techniques for optimising code for speed. I already knew a fair bit about parallelization, vectorization and other such things but it’s nice to go into a bit more depth into the various aspects of performance tuning […]

Intel Developer Conference

Today I attended an Intel Developer Conference at the Mayfair hotel in London. The presentations covered various aspects of the Intel Parallel Studio XE software suite as well as informing people of the upcoming features of their new processors including the AVX-512 instruction set that will be similar to those in the Xeon Phi co-processors […]

Switching webhost

My web-hosting provider came up for renewal today and after shopping around a bit I decided to switch providers to Arvixe because they were much cheaper and also offer many more options that I am hoping to make use of in the near future.