I have been using MyFitnessPal for a few days now, it’s a bit of a faff tracking everything that goes in my mouth but the Android app and the website make things about as easy as they could be. Hopefully using this will keep me accountable with my calorie intake and keep me on track to […]

New Goal

I have decided on my major goal for the beginning of this year, its not particularly strength related or endurance related. The plan is to get my ass in shape and finally get a damned good body. More details to follow in a few weeks. Also, I’m going to try and actually keep this blog […]

Pinch Swing

There are many variations of pinch movements than can be done to increase the strength of the thumb and fingers. Many of these variations are quite common with grip athletes such as loose pinching plates, the euro pinch (or equivalent) and the pinching of odd objects whether wide or narrow. One movement that doesn’t seem […]

10th October 2010

Two Hand Pinch – 8:30 48.6kg x 18 reps KB Press – 8:20 20kg KB right 7 reps, 6 reps, 6 reps left 5 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps Incline Bench Press – 5:25 40kg, 45 degrees 8 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps Wrist Developer level 4, 5, 6, 7 white spring Dinnie Lift – […]

3rd October 2010

Two Hand Pinch – 9:10 45kg x 40 reps Push Press – 5:00 right hand 20kg, 7 reps, 7 reps left hand 20kg, 6 reps, 5 reps Dips – 4:15 8 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps Wrist Developer – 3:00 right hand posting, level 2 white spring 7 reps, 7 reps, 3 reps Dinnie Lift […]