8th July 2010


  • Breakfast – Banana, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberries, blackberries
  • Lunch – 500g natural yoghurt, hazelnuts
  • Dinner – Steak, steak and a side order of left over chilli
  • (approx 2200 calories)


  1. 6R, 6L
  2. 8R, 7L
  • Wrist Developer (white spring)
  1. level 1
  2. level 3
  3. level 4
  4. level 5
  5. level 6
  6. level 5

One thought on “8th July 2010

  1. Got it Kris, good on your for posting your food. If possible, try to add up total calories daily. Not a huge deal but it does help

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